The dangers of housekeeping essay

the dangers of housekeeping essay

as adequate workplace illumination. It is the duty of the housekeeping department to ensure comfort and a welcoming atmosphere to the guests as well as strive to extend courteous, reliable and satisfactory service from staffs of all departments. Every hotel spends a lot of effort in ensuring the quality of beds, mattresses, channel music, TV, air conditioner if applicable, attached bar etc. When spills do occur, it is important to clean them up immediately. Further, compressed air is not to be used for removing dust or dirt off employees or equipment. Reaching a good standard in one of them is difficult without reaching a good standard in the other. Duty of housekeeping department and the satisfied customer visits the hotel again, by this way housekeeping department helps to increase the revenue of the hotel.

A more pleasant environment improves guest. These materials need washing on regular schedules to maintain cleanliness. Danger to the employees increases if the established exit routes and doors are blocked. These practices are to be safe and simple so that employees are motivated to follow them. The standards of housekeeping and cleanliness are often the first impression which is observed by the visitors to the organization. Poor floor conditions are a leading cause of accidents in the workplace. Are to be provided for the employees at the workplace so that employees can use them when there is a need.

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Employees training is an essential part of good housekeeping and cleanliness practice. This means keeping buildings, equipment and machinery in safe and efficient working condition. Principles OF cleaning The Basic principles of cleaning will provide the good essay for teachers day housekeeper the knowledge on what and how to clean a certain area. They also need to know how to protect other employees such as by posting signs (such as wet slippery floor etc.) and reporting any unusual conditions. One way to ensure that these practices are followed at the workplace is to integrate them with the job responsibilities of the employees. These postures will, in time, contribute to new musculoskeletal injuries and aggravate old ones. This involves the following:. Know the elements of cleaning. Good housekeeping and cleanliness normally results into (i) a workplace which is cleaner, safer, well organized and more pleasant for work, (ii) improved utilization of floor space, (ii) smoother and systematic workflow with substantial reduction in non-value added activities, (iv) better inventory control of tools. Good housekeeping and cleanliness practices plan and manage an orderly storage and movement of materials from point of entry to exit. To be able to clean the area, this basic air cleaning method must be applied: dirt must removed from the area, clean the surfaces, and disinfect.

the dangers of housekeeping essay

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