Essay on great wall of china

essay on great wall of china

Dynasty they used bricks, limestone, and tiles. The Great Walls construction started as a unification project from the Qin dynasty and ended with the last imperial dynasty of China, and with Mongolia finally under control. When the Ming dynasty suffered a defeat by the Oirats at the Battle of Tumu, and the Ming could not push the Mongolian threat after many attacks, they decided to build a new part of the Great Wall in the north in the Ordos Desert. It proves that the superb structure was very important to military defense. The most famous wall was built between 226200 BC by the first. Out of the Warring States period emerged the victorious King Zheng of Qin, who had defeated his aggressors and vied to unify China. The Great Wall of China made it very difficult for the Mongols and Manchus to penetrate their defensive system, but this did not stop them from failing to attack the dynasty. The Han, Sui, Northern and Jin Dynasties all repaired, rebuilt or expanded the Great Wall. Slavicek, Louise Chipley; Mitchell, George.; Matray, James. Burbank, Jane; Cooper, Frederick (2010).

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(Great-Wall of China ) The building of the Great Wall was done in very hot weather and some in the bitter cold. People know it is huge and that it protected a kingdom, but many do not know the history behind it and the details of its construction. The Great Wall of China, in Shanhaiguan. Some parts of the wall were made of mud, straw, and twigs. National Geographic Traveler: Beijing.

The expansion of many walls together came at a great cost. Thousands of workers died from giant falling stones, exhaustion, disease, animal attacks, and starvation.