Postmodern art essay

postmodern art essay

the way we view the world. The work Coronation of Musaa Moolo Casamace, Southern Senegal consists of beadwork, found objects like cans shaped to represent figues and an overall stage-like composition, it speaks mainly of cultural rituals in Casamance and hope for the future (Magnin, 1996: 89). McCarthy in his works institutes color as a central theme in his story of modern and contemporary work. This allows her to become an object, a symbol and a conduit into the realm of the unfamiliar, linking interdisciplinary fields with extreme and shocking processes to fully question our world. Instead she attended the same source as Duchamp, which was the realm of mass production. His method allowed for variations within the prints so that no two works were identical. This is a reflection that as Kierkegaards principle of individual responsibility to God, McCarthy obeys the same principle and would therefore not engage in the injurious activities of the Viennese (Ben 56). FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Postmodern Theory in Art specifically for you. When compared to Duchamps sculpture, it is evident that Levines Fountain is not an exact replica.

McCarthy in his works was known for shocking, sexually charged pieces that feature benign cartoon and pop culture characters reflecting the ideologies of morality which teaches the viewers and the artist on what they should do (Glennie 34). Primarily concerned with questioning the social concepts of beauty that both art and plastic surgery seem to inhabit, orlan daringly uses her own body as the artwork, a self-portrait in the classical sense, yet realized through the technology of our time. Postmodernism rejects the modern idea of originality as the new, and substitutes it with a combination of elements from the past. The ideals and the philosophies of Soren Kierkegaard match the artist Paul McCarthy for instance, both of them seems to value aesthetics, ethical values and religious choices and issues. One of Warhols most renowned works was Brillo Soap Pads Boxes (1964) (Fig.

In his view to the free press, Kierkegaard abandoned the use of internet with the claims that it promoted risk free ambiguity and idle curiosity that undermined responsibility and dedication. 1770 Words 8 Pages, postmodern art decided to make revolutionary break with past and questioned previous theories known as big narratives of art, politics, economics and overall culture in order to create new theories. Got a writing question?

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