Anu engineering honours thesis

anu engineering honours thesis

as significant project work completed in collaboration with a faculty member. View Fall 2014 Presentations, view Spring 2014 Presentations, view Spring 2013 Presentations. Submit the application form (which must be signed by your advisor). Areas of research examined by EHP students are often the fields in which these students find their careers after graduation or pursue in graduate school. Final deadline for approved thesis submission with signed cover page, due by. However, it is the honors candidates responsibility to approach potential readers by clearly communicating the thesis topic and outlining the readers responsibilities. Many students also take independent study courses during sophomore or junior year, which is a great way to initiate a relationship with a potential research advisor. Your thesis advisor must be an engineering faculty member. Complete a written thesis to the satisfaction of the Honors Program Committee.

Give a scientific/technical presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in April. Many honors candidates perform research over the summer before senior year, although this is not required. Your thesis topic should be distinct from any project work undertaken during required engineering courses. If you wish to participate in the honors program, you will need to: Meet the GPA requirement, select a thesis topic and find a thesis advisor.

anu engineering honours thesis

The honours thesis course offers students an opportunity to conduct a research project as part of their undergraduate program. In the first semester.

25, honors Application Due, oct. It is very helpful to start planning your honors research project well before the start of senior year. Once data is collected it would be used to deduce the damping mechanism, and to quantify that behaviour. Mcfpox is a framework for running experiments with multicommodity routing, which builds on the POX SDN controller. Receive notification that you have been accepted into the program (note that acceptance does not guarantee that you will be awarded honors at graduation). Failure to meet any of these deadlines is grounds for dismissal from the honors program. However, residual capacity performed significantly worse when no solution could be found, such as for experiments with many flows. Selecting a thesis topic and an advisor Your thesis could address a basic experimental, theoretical or computational research problem, or a major independent design project. The following guidelines are for non-BME concentrators. To design a thesis program, you should work with a faculty member with expertise in your area of interest who can act as your thesis advisor. Project 2: Modelling the effects of surface waves on an underwater vehicle swimming near the surface. Intended for all sophomores, juniors and seniors interested in honors.