Write an essay on globalisation and 21st century

write an essay on globalisation and 21st century

the demise of Africas potential for development as millions of slaves were taken from their homeland. However, contrasting views do exist in relation to globalization, so its important to assess both the positive and negative impact. Making friends with people from other cultures and forming long-term relationships with people, who have similar tastes and interests as you do, is not a problem any more. Similarly to the existing studies, the essay on globalization presented below will also analyze the major pros and cons associated with this phenomenon in order to draw a well-grounded conclusion regarding the current situation in the modern globalized world. The same concerns the small business enterprises which can hardly compete internationally and will be forced to go the backstage. At the same time, immigrant workers in different countries are afraid of losing their place of work and thus, agree to lower salaries. This left a void of labour in Africa, therefore inhibiting their ability to develop their own nation.

Globalization in the 21st Century
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In Australia the richest 10 percent of its population own 85 of all shares, 72 of rental investment properties and 60 of business assets. First of all, globalization is a defining feature of the modern economy, which makes different countries come closer to each other in this perspective. The uneven distribution of wealth associated with rapid globalization may be widening the gap between certain countries and regions. People can meet each other in the context of their cultural community and learn more about their way of life. This is still prevalent in today's society as sweatshops in underdeveloped countries with deplorable conditions are used. Sweatshop Profiles, London: Flamingo. Furthermore, employers can now hire employees from other countries without a necessity to pay local workers by hour. You can purchase one. Another aspect of human life that is directly influenced by the tendency towards globalization is connectivity of people across the borders.

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