Essay for students and politics

essay for students and politics

the time to learn, the time to soak in experiences, the time to gather information. All activities are good if one remains within reasonable limits. It must not be mingled with politics. It does not mean that students should keep themselves aloof from the political situation of the surrounding. The student life must. Active participation of student in politics may spoil their career and defeat the very purpose and aim of studentship. All this disrupts his studies and he loses his real purpose in life and goes astray. It means a total and all round development of personality. He develops debating skills and he can always put forward his point of view with force and conviction.

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However, students can prepare for their sojourn in politics. As a leader he develops such qualities as courage, sincerity of purpose, a spirit of service, and sympathy for his fellowmen and self- discipline. It has also been seen quite after that the students play into the hands of clever politicians. Student life is an excellent period for preparing themselves fully for the responsibilities that they have to shoulder in future. There is enthusiasm yes, but it needs to be channeled in the right way for it to one day turn into wisdom so that it can serve both him and his nation. Much of their time to studies. They become the mixture of the two which brings. But in no case should these young men and women be allowed to be uses as a cats paw of the selfish and self centered shoddy politicians. As a leader in making he develops courage, sincerity of purpose, spirit of service, self discipline and devotion to duty. College might be treated as mock parliament and the students might be allowed to assail roles in this mock parliament. We feel banning politics in campus would improve the quality of education and reduce various forms of violence perpetuated by the students in colleges, icce Chairperson Archbishop Joseph Powathil of Changanassery told.

He grows into a responsible and cultured citizen who is an asset to the nation. Interest in politics leads a student to be an active participant in strikes, demonstrations and processions, as a result of which he loses his real purpose in life and goes astray. He grows into a responsible and cultured citizen.

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