Women offenders essay

women offenders essay

a key factor. Different from male criminals, females are less likely to commit serious crime or lead crime organizations. The social processes such as differential association and labeling theory tend to explain common crime in terms of my ambition ias officer essay in english different opportunities for learning female values and skill sets. Sons and stepsons accounted for 52 of those killed by mothers and 57 of those killed by fathers. The rising rate of drug dependency has a major impact on womens crime trends. Pdf Women offenders, (1999, Dec). Nowadays there is an intense debate concerning the ability of women to fill high-level positions in companies. Over the years women have made up only small part of the offender populations.

(2012 Muraskin, Roslyn) A vital component for suitably responding to female prisoners, are to understand the gender-based mechanism to their crimes and their history. Why Women Are Committing More Crimes, (2000, July). Serious injuries, such as broken bones, knife wounds or gunshot wounds were more likely associated with male offenders. Also, giving more opportunities to women such as studying abroad or taking part in researches can make them more qualified; furthermore, encourage them against their male peers. We will write a custom essay sample. To be a potential candidate for a high level job, being highly educated is considered as an obligation. Although this makes practical sense, it ignores a lot of social and physical obstacles that help in writing an essay for college face women and interfere with efficient performance of them in such heavy duties. The Bureau of Justice Statistics which reports a yearend report of number of females incarcerated reported that there were 26,300 females behind bars for violent crimes after the year of 2002. Women most times have a plan and a target when committing a crime like murder. Female offenders commit violent crime at lower statue than most males. Rates of offending usually peak in late adolescence and decline in early adulthood. It is undeniable that women in the time being have the ability to be qualified either educationally or practically to attain success in different branches and fields.

Women Offenders, in this article it discusses how the number of women offenders has increased. Some argue that the reasoning for this is because of the economy and their social conditions. An additional 3 of violent offenders were women who attacked males. The Control Theory suggests that poor social bonds account for much of the crime. Women offenders also are addressed with mental and medical issues that show a sign of sexual victimization that may lead to a criminal behavior in women.