A christmas carol ghost of christmas past essay

a christmas carol ghost of christmas past essay

and acting of the Ghost of Christmas Past is provided by actor Jim Carrey. "No said Scrooge, "No. And when old Fezziwig and Mrs Fezziwig had gone all through the dance; advance and retire, both hands to your partner, bow and curtsey, corkscrew, thread-the-needle, and back again to your place; Fezziwig cut - cut so deftly, that he appeared to wink with his. The spirit then shows Scrooge the day when his beloved younger sister Fan picked him up from the school after repeatedly asking their cold, unloving father to allow his return, as she joyfully claims that he has changed and is now kinder than he was.

The Ghost stopped at a certain warehouse door, and asked Scrooge if he knew. If that's not high praise, tell me higher, and I'll use. To save my life.

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It first shows Scrooge his old boarding school, where he stayed alone, but for his books, while his schoolmates returned to their homes for the Christmas holidays. Similar to the original novel, the spirit appears as a candle-like being with an occasionally flickering flame for his head. Let's have the shutters up cried old Fezziwig, with a sharp clap of his hands, "before a man can say Jack Robinson." You wouldn't believe how those two fellows went. During the whole of this time, Scrooge had acted like a man out of his wits. "Home, for good and all. The more he thought, the more perplexed he was; and the more he endeavored not to think, the more he thought. When the clock struck eleven, this domestic ball broke. A terrible voice in the hall cried. He then made bold to inquire what business brought him there. The clock was wrong. "A solitary child, neglected by his friends, is left there still." Scrooge said he knew.