Creating a hook for a research paper

creating a hook for a research paper

: Farmers believe that caterpillars are their best friends but do recent study on the eating behavior of caterpillars confirm this faith? This may have been the goal of your research paper all along. Your task is to introduce your subject within a specific study and then narrow it down to your argument. Hopefully, someone in the audience will pick up where you left off. Say what you said. I wasnt strong enough to force the BBs through the shooter and a row of them got stuck inside the long tube.

In fact, any fresh insights on your subject are a big no-no in the conclusion. Merely stating the problem and consequences isnt enough though. This can arouse intrigue and curiosity in the reader and he might be tempted to read your term paper further. And in the end, youre like aaaaah! How to Conclude a Research Paper: A Step-by-Step Guide. You want to tie the paper together neatly. You will write one paragraph for each of the strong details. All the valuable rhetorical tips are near the end, so be sure to stick around! I, me, my, you, or your in anecdotes. Theres little point in re-stating information the reader already knows. His essay Shooting an Elephant has made lots of people cry. To summarize means to make a brief statement of the main points.

The Google" : You copy and paste a famous"tion from an online website, but the" really doesnt have much to do with your research paper. Come to think of it, thats what essays are for. Go through these topic sentences without saying them. So why restate your topic?