Short essay on importance of trees in punjabi

short essay on importance of trees in punjabi

in a forest. Without which we cannot survive over few minutes. Ashvin, please, FOR ME plant trees. Many others are on the verge of extinction. Thus, trees keep up the ecological balance.

They organize skits explaining the importance of tree plantation and propagate the same among their neighbours, friends and colleagues. Besides exhaling oxygen and inhaling carbon dioxide, trees also absorb other harmful gases from the environment thus making the air purer and fresher. They prevent land erosion and guard us against pollution. More and more trees must be planted if we really want to survive and lead a good life.

Article 86 ucmj essay,

There are a number of reasons why the process of tree plantation is important for the environment. They protect us from severe weather. We also know that a little effort made by each one of us can make a huge difference to the overall environment on Earth. Trees are very important in human life. Pritam, it's a idiotic thought. These tires help to move fast, travel places, conduct business.

short essay on importance of trees in punjabi