Human cloning benefits essay

human cloning benefits essay

sound like much, but when you consider the fact that approximately sixty million people have diabetes worldwide that is a lot of animals whose lives have been saved (61). Other reason human cloning should be banned because it assaults religion. However, 1997 marked the beginning of the wonderful technology known as mammalian cloning. And they wont get FDA approval (Carey 1). Many critics of cloning and gene therapy do not stop to think about the possibilities of these technologies or about the possibility that one of their offspring could need some genetically engineered or cloned substance to save their life in the future. But, many countries have not accepted this. If the whole population has same genetic substance, one virus can expunge the entire population. Although there are arguments against them, the possibilities of cloning and gene therapy are important for the production of organs and hormones and as a means to control diseases, but both must also be strictly regulated in order to outlaw the production of fully-developed human.

People with defective genes will develop illness in spite of their keeping good health otherwise. We have to think the reaction would be toward the best or the worst. The success stories of human cloning and creating tissue cells have come from different parts of the world. Instead, cloning and gene therapy are about the medical advancement of the worlds population through the control of diseases and replacement of missing hormones and organs.

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Because human embryo research is just in its infancy, there has been a rush to decide what guidelines are going to be instituted for governing cloning experiments. Mr Hwang Woo-Suk attached to Seoul National University, claimed to have created 11 lines of human stem cells using a different technique. Human Cloning specifically for you for only.90/page, order Now e final reason is the no one knows if human clones will be just like real humans. 1)Also, if individuals can make copies of their bodies then why care if someone dies or lives. The presence of identical lcd research paper pdf philippines DNA makes no difference in their being different personalities.

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