Child labour pakistan essay

child labour pakistan essay

to limit child labour and indentured servitude, but those laws are universally ignored. It is the high level of illegal act for which one should be punished but because of the ineffective rules and regulations it is going side by side. The average Pakistani has to feed nine or ten people with their daily wage. Child labour is the global issue which is more common in the underdeveloped countries. It is a common practice in India as well as other developing countries in a small scale industry, domestic aid, restaurant service, stone breaking, shopkeepers assistant, every house-hold industry, book binding, etc. "Child Labour affect Human Capital Development - Chief Justice". A good example of this situation is Nike, which has been accused for using children for its soccer ball production, although both the US and Pakistan establish and police legislation against child labor. Preparation of plans for implementation of policies and strategies. Childhood is the birth rights of everyone which he/she must live under the love and care of their parents however this illegal act of child labour forces a child to live life like elder.

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Childhood is considered as the happiest and vital experience in the life of everyone as childhood is the most important and friendly period of learning. Poor parents or parents under poverty line are unable to afford the education expenses of their kids and they own unable to earn enough money for the family survival. It was estimated that one quarter of the country's work force was made up of children. Child Labour gaston college admission and scholarship essays Essay 6 (400 words). Child trafficking should be completely abolished by the governments of all countries.

child labour pakistan essay

Child labour is a big social issue in our country as well as abroad which everyone must be aware.
Free Essay : Background Child Labour is a condemnable phenomenon and elimination of child labour is a feasible objective.
Struggle against child labour gained further momentum when Pakistan's trade privileges were adversely affected with the filing of cases against the show more content.
Child labour is an intricate issue especially for developing countries like Pakistan where there is no protection for people's rights, leave alone children 's rights.

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