Essays on heart murmer in cats

essays on heart murmer in cats

some crazy numbers in the beginning. Heres what I tell my clients after I find a heart murmur on physical exam: With cats, Ive learned that the grade of the heart murmur does not necessarily correlate to the severity of the disease. Another way of putting it: being told your cat has a murmur might be concerning, but its better to order tests that will determine whether heart disease is present than to allow an undiagnosed disease to silently progress without being treated. A heart murmur is an abnormal sound that a veterinarian hears when listening to a cats heart through a stethoscope. A heart murmur is not always a cause for concern, but it may be an indication of a heart problem. But as a general rule for adult cats, an echocardiogram, or ultrasound of the heart is in order for loud or soft murmurs. Your vet might then tell you the murmur has a grade.

If you own either breed, ask your veterinarian if it would be advisable to test your cat for this mutation. If a dog has a heart murmur, in my experience, the worse the murmur, the more severe the heart disease. And when we write heart murmurs in the records, we use Roman numerals because we vets are just so schmancy. If two people who are freakin specialists at this stuff cant even agree on a cat chest x-rayI give. This test has an 85 sensitivity for detecting heart disease in cats. Only a few feet away, my technician raced back into the room to find a non-responsive cat in my client's arms. When we take an x-ray, we are looking at the shape of the heart. So you do this when the dog or cat is relaxed, and hasnt just finished playing.

If the murmur is on the right side of the heart, thats where the tricuspid valve lives. Depending on the nature of the murmur, there can be a wide range of sounds.