Essay about parkinson's disease

essay about parkinson's disease

(b. A syndrome similar to parkinsonism. Side effects are dry mouth, nausea, urinary retention, blurred vision, and constipation. link to article parkinson's disease is primarily caused by low and falling dopamine levels. Scientists from the University of the Basque Country found that aldehydes remain in cooking oils after they are heated. Some feel that by going along, they are lying to their partner in a way. A major concern is reports of death from liver damage in patients taking tolcapone (Tasmar) and is recommended only for patients unable to tolerate other drugs. The side effects include involuntary muscle movement, confusion, hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, headache, urinary retention, cramps, diarrhea, less common constipation, susceptibility to respiratory infection, sweating and dry mouth (Brunton, Chabner, Knollman, 2011). 1209 Words 5 Pages, parkinson disease (PD also referred to as Parkinsons disease and paralysis agitans, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that is the third most common neurologic disorder of older adults. When signs and symptoms develop in an individual aged between 21 and 40 years, it is known.

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essay about parkinson's disease

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A neurologic syndrome usually resulting from deficiency of the neurotransmitter dopamine as the consequence of degenerative, vascular, or inflammatory changes in the basal ganglia; characterized by rhythmic muscular tremors, rigidity of movement, festination, droopy posture, and masklike facies. Without treatment Parkinsons disease progresses over ten to fifteen years to a rigid, akinetic state in which patients are incapable of caring for themselves (Brunton, Chabner, Knollman, 2011). Frequently, these patients show signs of depression, and it has not been established whether the depression is a reaction to the disorder or related to a biochemical abnormality. It improves motor fluctuations essay on greek food related to weaning off effects. Levodopa can cause disturbances in breathing function, but may benefit patients with upper airway obstructions.