Dracula critical essays

dracula critical essays

of human and monster. It is only when he has displaced the soil of the English with that of the Transylvanian is he able to. Dracula, written by Bram Stoker, presents readers to possibly the most infamous monster in all of literature. But a stranger in a strange land, he is no one. Men know him not, and to know not is to care not for (Stoker 19). To look at Bram Stokers Dracula as solely a monster in the most violent sense of his actions would to be look at a sole aspect of his character, and should be analyzed based on how he interacts with the outside world to genuinely understand. The numerous references to Draculas monstrous physical attributions are the surface when it comes to Draculas demonic nature, but it is his vampiric abilities which truly place him as divergent from humanity. The Essential Dracula: The Definitive Annotated Edition of Bram Stoker's Classic Novel (novel) 1993, further Reading (Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism biography, belford, Barbara. This abhorrent act is the anchor to Draculas monstrous persona, as it is simply something that, for the most part, humanity does not abide. Readers no doubt are attracted to his monstrous sensibilities, which provide a sense of looking first at his appearance, personality, and behavior at the beginning of the novel. Draculas intent is not of material wealth or power, but of controlling the people and using them as livestock.

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While he is, in a humanistic sense, not of this world, he is also from a foreign land. The Jewel of Seven Stars (novel) 1903, the Man (novel) 1905, personal Reminiscences of Henry Irving (biography) 1906, the Lady of the Shroud (novel) 1909. Carter, Margaret., editor. The largest feature of the vampire is ultimately what expunges Draculas entrance to the human world; the fact that he must gorge himself upon blood in order to survive. Anatomy of Horror: The Masters of Occult Fiction,.