Foils to hamlet essay

foils to hamlet essay

is truly there he logically goes to inform Hamlet immediately. However, they go about this in a different manner despite their common goals. This is a stark contrast to Hamlet, and how he acts alone. Show more content, it is something, how Laertes and Hamlet represented the finality of the two most influential families in the kingdom. In Hamlet, Shakespeare uses many foils to develop the major characters of his play. When implemented successfully,. One such foil in this play is undoubtedly Laertes, the son of Polonius. The final character foil to Hamlet is Fortinbras.

Free Essay: Ophelia as a Foil to Hamlet In Shakespeare s tragedy, Hamlet, the audience finds a docile, manipulated, scolded, victimized young lady named.
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Free Essay: Night and Day Many authors use foils to better illustrate the nature o f the character.

Through contrasting Hamlets character to those of Fortinbras, Prince of Norway and Horatio, Hamlets closest friend, Hamlets distinguishing traits are emphasized. Yet, it is his intelligence and tendency to over think which is Hamlets flaw. (A4, S5 150) But, Laertes is very shallow and Hamlet is a genius in comparison. Horatio, the scholar, has a strong code of honour and ethics which contrasts greatly with Hamlets rashness and lack of morals. Similarities are an important part of being a foil. Think of it (1. Additionally, Hamlets idleness is the pivotal issue in which he and Fortinbras differ.

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