America diversity essay

america diversity essay

in diversity of its many people, and there is still a large percent of the population that supports racism and bigotry. Diversity in America Essay.The United States of, america is made up of several different races, religions, and ethnicities, as well as men and women of different ages, and sexual orientations. I believe by the year 2050 the United States will have changed look and feel where immigration. The differences range from a persons religious affiliation to their race and culture. The first occurrence of immigration came after Prime Minister Fidel Castro took control of Cuba.

America will have added 100 million to its population (kotkin, 2010). Second generation immigrates usually speak bilingual, but the third generation usually speaks English only. We learn how to understand their feelings, and that makes us more tolerant.

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Its sad to see, that even today the lines of separation are far divided by hate and a lack of over standing. America is seen as a fruit salad whereby it retains its original quality of culture, even when mixed with other culture making it more flavorful. But critics of immigration are as erroneous as the predictions of the end of the world by Nostradamus. This paramount nation was founded on a basis of diversity, freedom and equality for all without admiration for a government that controls our thoughts, views and opinions. From experience over half of the employment in Arizona requires a person to speak bilingual; preferable Spanish. He said there is a brick wall of segmentation standing between people.