Innovation and sustainability essay

innovation and sustainability essay

money. With the coming of the age of sustainable development, more and more companies are beginning to reexamine themselves. Rainey (2006) concluded that the sustainable strategies need to be designed in a systematic method which linking the several possible sustainable issues with the supply networks, operation, distribution, markets and customers, and retirement disposal. 472 Words 2 Pages, human habits to product goods such as clothing, housing, food has had a serious impact on natural resources and social development. For instance, in 2005 General Electrics CEO, Jeff Immelt, declared that the company would focus on tackling environmental issues. Calera, a California start-up, has developed technology to extract carbon dioxide from industrial emissions and bubble it through seawater to manufacture cement.

innovation and sustainability essay

472 Words 2 Pages. Human habits to product go ods such as clothing, housing, food has had a serious impact on natural.

However, this problem can be solved by providing customers some incentives to encourage them to use the cotton bags instead of paper bags. As a response, the government imported fish from other more sustainable resources to ameliorate the harm to the bio-system. Four years ago it tried to find uses for the equipment, mainly because 80 of the returns were in working best medical school essay condition. Smart corporations follow these simple rules in their effort to become sustainable. They should ask: What are the milestones on the path to our desired future? Although it sparked controversy among activists, this partnership strengthened Cloroxs credentials, and in 2008 the company paid nearly 500,000 to the Sierra Club as its share of revenues from the line. During the current recession P G has continued to promote cold-water products, emphasizing their lower energy costs and compact packaging. Green Works products are still cheaper than competing products, which carry a 25 to 50 markup over synthetic ones. Also, due to meet its shareholders expectation of caring for the elder people in the community it trades with, The Body Shop establishes the Trade Not Aid to alleviate the poverty and help people who are suffering from low payment in the third world countries. (Roddick, 1992) As to the product innovation, green design, of The Body Shop, it is considered as a paradigm among various companies. But thats simply not true. Most large corporations induce suppliers to become environment-conscious by offering them incentives.

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