Tv is the leading cause of violence essay

tv is the leading cause of violence essay

TV Violence on Children 2966 Words 12 Pages government agencies. It also include all of the sex scene. However, the majority of the people who have researched this topic have discovered that violence on television is indeed one of the prime factors contributing to the increase in violent and aggressive behavior among the youth in society. Besides in order to make the programme a total success the organisers has to both explore the positive negetive sides of the subject, which may not be meant for young minds. Many parents would love to say that their child does not watch that much TV but in reality they are spending a lot of time watching television or using media in some way. In fact, experts warn that viewing violence can have lifelong harmful effects on childrens health. Wright used information coming from.

So we can say that after leaving TV after 3 to 4 hours how much thought pattern pearson will have. Television may not be the soul cause of the terrible crimes, but there is proof that some of these unimaginable crimes are caused by violence seen on the television. The only difference is when children watch negative behavior, it is that negativity that they learn and mimic. When someone are kissing, they also want to have. Yes it is the leading cause of violence! TV has even become a babysitter. (608 However, thinking logically, we could see. Let us ask ourselves these questions. This doesn't happen in my house, but everyone knows where he gets it from. Report Post, no at all. I'd say violence is more on how people are brought up, their economic stance and things that have happened in their lives. In this essay I shall be discussing the positive and negative effects of violence on TV and ask if legislation is the way forward for.

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