Annotation assignment

annotation assignment

(tsk! Warning : exec has been disabled for security reasons in on line 273 I think that the error is pretty clear - your hosting company has disabled the 'exec' PHP command (for security reasons). We have them installed on a test server, and they work perfectly when used via Google Chrome. There are some changes being made to the plugin in the process of integrating it into Moodle core.6 (hopefully which *may* mean that it is possible to then update it further and have it work in other places in Moodle. I'll go back and review the compatibility of my plugin against Moodle.3/2.4 when I get a spare moment (hopefully tonight) and I should be able to eliminate those warning messages (which are breaking the ajax calls from the browser back to the server). It hasn't been very successful. Whatever it is, does appear to be an internal problem within ghostscript, rather than an issue with my plugin itself. I started a new thread - have you seen this before? I have hacked my Google Drive repository to return PDF files instead.rtf. . Label assigned by this Assignment. Tony, There is no functionality for deleting an annotate file once it has been created.

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I don't know how much work would be involved in doing so (probably only a couple of lines of code, if it is just the title bar that is an issue I just haven't looked yet. We are looking to use these PDF extensions for the marking of Lab Reports and other student coursework containing a mix audition for a reality show essay of text and other sources. Instead of the name, it now says "Anonymous". In this case, the code cannot function without it - it is used to call the external ghostscript program to generate the images of the pages. I then proceeded to annotate the PDF and generated a response file. Can anyone one assist me? I know there is a Workshop activity designed for the purpose of peer assessment but using uploadpdf or this assignment/submission activity would be more interactive and even enjoyable for them.