Eastern connecticut state university honors program thesis

eastern connecticut state university honors program thesis

the same floor in Constitution Hall. Honors Activities, in addition to their academic lives, Honors Scholars become involved in a variety of programs and cranfield master thesis archive activities sponsored by the university, their major department, and the Honors Program itself. This course is taught by the director of the honors program and is designed to give Honors Scholars an introduction to the honors program, campus life, and the liberal arts philosophy at Eastern. The due date for submission of the thesis to the Second Reader must be met if the student wishes to be recognized as an Honors Scholar at Commencement. 358 (860) (860) 465-5213, university Honors House 176 High Street. The thesis mentor must be a permanent, full-time instructional faculty member in the department of your academic major.

This part of the proposal may be one section, with an integrated Introduction and Literature Review, or partitioned into two sections with the Literature Review being separate. For most students the format of the Honors Thesis will be the same as that of the Thesis Proposal, with the exception that. The Thesis Advisor provides final approval for the thesis document.

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Completed applications will require transcripts, recommendations, and an example of the applicants writing. Introduction/Review of the Literature, this thesis on premature births section includes the following: 1) a clear statement of the question to be addressed and/or hypothesis(es) to be tested, 2) framed within a discussion of the broader issue that provides relevance to your specific objective, including 3) a substantive review. Complete your Honors Thesis. The title page should bear the signatures of your Thesis Advisor and your Second Reader (Honors Council Member) when delivered to the Program Director. Preliminary draft of your Honors Thesis delivered to your Thesis Advisor by late October. The Student Honors Council makes recommendations concerning the Honors curriculum and requirements, the Honors curriculum and requirements, and sponsors cultural and social events on campus, including the activities of Honors Week, usually the last week in April. Spring Semester Develop ideas for a thesis and discuss them with prospective advisors via one or more of the following: Registering for an Independent Study or a departmental course designed to prepare students to conduct research in the respective discipline.

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