Fast and furious 7 film review essay

fast and furious 7 film review essay

lands in Dominics hands. On the other hand, a group of mercenaries led by Jakande (Djimon Honsou) are also trying to lay their hands on the tracking gadget. A deal is struck: Dom and his crew will help Frank nab the terrorist Jakande (Hounsou, with some ridiculous lines) and the 'God's Eye' device and in return, Dom can use the device to locate Shaw. The Fast Furious franchise has gone full Toon Town. Apart from the goose bumps that the films give you, there are a few scenes where Brian OConner feels that he could be close to meeting his creator and he mentions it too, which gives a weird spine-chilling commotion as Paul Walker is in reality. Amazing Stunts of Fast and Furious 7: The stunts of Fast and Furious 7 are beyond belief. Ludacris is spot-on as the jester, whose cringing caution is a great counterfoil to the rampant machismo on display. Paying Tribute: Furious 7 or Fast and Furious 7 finish with a lovely tribute to Paul Walker. Fast and Furious 7, without a doubt more than a penny worth film. Secondly, making a seamless film given the fact that Paul Walker - a name synonymous with this series - is no more. It does add a slightly sombre note to an otherwise upbeat film, but the care with which the issue is handled forms a genuinely moving tribute to the actor, Torettos usual guff about family striking a chord that it never has before.

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This boasts set-pieces that might well be the franchises most demented yet (which is saying something after 5s safe-dragging cars and Diesels cross-carriageway tank flight in 6). From parachuting cars out of a military plane to assaulting a convoy of mercenaries, Paul Walker as Brian hops from the side of a bus on to Lettys drifting car Lykan HyperSport that not only jumps from one building to another, but finishes up jumping. To appraise the plot in too much detail would rather miss the point. What began six films ago as Point Break with once a criminal always a criminal essay pimped-out rims has since become the worlds most expensive Road Runner skit essentially The Rock hitting Jason Statham over the head with an anvil while Vin Diesel sticks his finger in a light socket. The Rock packs some serious weaponry. The dialogues are brusque and tempered with the characteristic one-liners that have been often seen in the series.