Sassoon and owen essays

sassoon and owen essays

poems that give the reader a precise picture of what the war was really like; whereas Sassoon was an officer who protested against the way that war was being portrayed. Although Sassoon was a victorious soldier the war soon began to loose its allure. Sassoon helped Owen write some poems but Owen kept his style of creating, what can only be described as, brilliant, truthful and vivid imagery. Sassoon, who came from a privileged background, showed that after going to fight and getting an award for bravery, he hated war. This is where the two poets are different.

sassoon and owen essays

If I should die, think only this of me That there s some corner. Dulce et Decorum est by Owen ends My friend, you would not tell with such hi gh zest. Sassoon uses clear, everyday language whereas Owen tends to be more elaborate.

sassoon and owen essays

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Like Owen, he wrote poems that scorned people like Jessie Pope, who glorified war. War has the ability to destroy not only countries and society, but families and individuals as well. There are many similarities between Sassoon and Owen as well as differences. Sassoon was quite the soldier as well and earned a military cross life is what you make it essay and the nickname MadJack. It makes you feel pity towards the soldiers. His compassion was lost and Septimus ultimately was destroyed by the war. A Coparison in the Ways Owen, Brooke and Sassoon Portray World War One in Their Poetry.

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