Union is strength essay in tamil

union is strength essay in tamil

other living kind like birds or animals. Unity represents the common power of more than one people thus we say that Union is strength. Union is strength, is the famous phrase represents the power or strength of unity. Story of farmer who has four sons and they were unable to break the bundle of sticks and story of birds that were trapped in a net by fowler, and by being united they get success in flying together along with the net, are the. Conclusion: Unity is the power of any living kind which exist in this world either human beings, birds or animals. Then their father made them realized the power of unity. This whole world requires unity among people to tackle different unwanted conditions in manner to spread peace, happiness, prosperity all over. And this feeling of power and confidence increases their physical and mental strength. Conclusion: Globally, many problems are raising their head like global warming or problem of terrorism and it is needed to be united in manner to handle and tackle these crises and at some level it has been possible for various countries to be united and.

Essay on, union is strength

union is strength essay in tamil

Advantages of Union is Strength, physical Security: As we discussed above by having unity we become more powerful at physical level and able to face any kind of circumstances. Our country India is the live example of unity, here many different communities, different casts, different religions are available but have unity among all in a common thought of being Indian. So unity is the only resort for muslim in this time of need. At National level also it is proved that union is strength. Unity in a family gives a person physical and financial security along with the mental support. A large number of muslims are working in western eir technical assistance can be utilized in muslim countries to enhance their economic as well as technical situation. Mankinds are faced with a number of challenges The most of them are poverty, illiteracy, disease and above all natural clamities.

Union is strength means that united we stand and divided we fall. For example a bundle of sticks is difficult to break but each stick is union gives. How do you write an essay on the topic 'Union is Strength '? WikiAnswers will not write your essays for you, but we will help you learn how to. Usd essay on union is strength essay whare whakairo: expansion, the unity, strength we fall.