Islamic festivals essay

islamic festivals essay

observed nationwide, even in the far south. Your feedback may be edited for length and brevity, and is subject to moderation. After the communal prayer, families gather together at home with relatives and friends and participate in exchanging gifts and partaking a meal. Muslims watch the western horizon immediately after sunset on the 29th day of Ramadan for the crescent.

His designation ( nass ) by the Prophet upon the Command of Allah ( al-amr to guide the believers after the termination of the institution of Nabuwah is central to the Shia theology. It is among one of the ancient festival of Egypt. Gambling is not illegal on this festival because it is also gambling time in Nepal. Homes of hindus are decorated with little lamps which symbolise the. On the eve of the new year, families det together for a special reunion dinner. The Quran uses the word Hijra to mean moving from a bad place or state of affairs. There are two principal types of festival like (i) Seasonal festival (ii) General Festival. The Eid festival that marks the end of Ramadan is also increasingly celebrated in public venues around the country, including Trafalgar Square in London. Significant events of this nature in the life of the Prophet are a source of inspiration for the believers to excel in their quest for spiritual enlightenment and also serve as a model for the believers to emulate. When holidays are being observed, it is common for routine social activities, such as work and commerce, to stop temporarily out of respect for the person or event being remembered. There being twelve months in the calendar, the number of days in a Muslim year is 354 or 355 in a leap year.