Key words pancreatology research paper submission

key words pancreatology research paper submission

review the paper. Statistical tools and data analyses, sNA Pajek software 19 was used to obtain the measures of centrality. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak 16: 114. Cardiovascular comorbidities were common both before and after diabetes. Purpose : Identifying journal features is important and meaningful.

key words pancreatology research paper submission

Key words: Please supply up to 5 key words in English that reflect the content of the paper. Share your research data Visualize your data.

Chang HT, Lin MH, Hwang IH, Chen TJ, Lin HC,. We merely applied centrality measure to present the prestigious feature. Article types, all 115 JIC papers since 2015 are categorized in Table. Influenza Vaccination of Children: A Randomized Trial. The way we illustrated the strongest relation in all possible couples of interest is novel and promising in future, especially in the field of bibliometrics and medicine researches. J Bone Joint Surg. As such, all possible pairs of our observed phenomena can be combined and analyzed using computer techniques. Social network analysis (SNA social network analysis (SNA) 6-8 has applied to authorship collaboration in recent years. The diagram shown in Figure 1 presents author location among research paper on asthma pdf nations based on JIC publication.

Harvard, MA: Analytic Technologies. In: Intelligent exploration of the web. International aaai Conference on Weblogs and Social Media. This is to ensure that the full Abstract appears in indexing services. As the volume of research output and the number of journals expand, identifying relevant studies in the literature is becoming increasingly challenging. Copyright 2007, The Biosemantics Group.