Essay future of e-commerce

essay future of e-commerce

6 Websites: E-Commerce m, E-Commerce Times, m,. Pricing is based on quantity of order and is often negotiable. The discussion covered the major aspects of EC, its description, benefits, disadvantages and technologies. Moreover, electronic commerce offers a vast number of choices and details in an easy way and not let you stick with few choices like in traditional commerce.

The Future Of E-Commerce: Are You In Or Are You Out?

essay future of e-commerce

This will slow down the work drastically. The pragmatic shifts and changes that the universe have had to experience in a variety of disciplines like business has led to such evolutions so that it is not seen to have lagged behind. It is hardly that you open a newspaper or magazine without coming across a subject or an article about e-commerce, but how can we define e-commerce? Customers for such products are usually few. If the selling price cannot be increased and the manufactured cost cannot be decreased then the difference can be in the way the business is carried out. Any person or business having just an Internet Connection can access e-Commerce systems. I could say that business without EC, like if banks toady with out ATM. Jobs are available online in fields ranging from secretarial to software development, and from real estate to education. Many technologies used in EC such as, World Wide Web, E-mail, and Intranet. People could found various opportunities of employment. tags: E-Commerce, Information Technology. Research Papers 902 words (2.6 pages) - The world largest computer network is the internet.

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