Art and objecthood essay summary

art and objecthood essay summary

compelled to play a role in its development closely akin to, and potentially only somewhat less important than, that of new paintings themselves. In a review of the different uses that Fried, Michelson and Krauss made of Merleau-Ponty, James Meyer (1998: 186) has argued that because of his insistence on the interpenetration of human body and meaning Fried comes closer to Merleau-Pontys phenomenology than the advocates of minimalism. Minimalism also broke with sculpture as representation or analogy of the human body but incorporated the human body in a different fashion. . Thus the Minimalist object existed only in relation to the viewer and was dependent upon the viewers presence, and, therefore, existed in time. The critical work of Michael Fried has raised several questions about the role of theatricality, mass culture and kitsch in Modern art, and has questioned whether Modern art has suffered from these phenomena.

The paradox horizon of the iconic relation would be that the painting becomes the depicted, or more probable that the beholder forgets that he or she is in front of a painting and by doing so, also forgetting the code that organizes the representation. Space between the subject and the object is implied in such a comparison. Awarded 1980 Gottschalk Prize. Isbn Further reading edit. In his narration of the permanent progress of modernism, painting is a step by step withdrawal from characteristics painting shares with other arts. This "theatricality" in Minimalist sculpture, Fried believed, relegated the work of the literalists to the realm of "anti-art." Such installations, as they eventually became, failed to achieve purity because they failed to properly distinguish between the art and the object. For Fried the very literalness of Minimal art rests in its traffic with all that is non-art so that it is corrupted and perverted by theater. So, Frieds text is on a threshold: Against the intention of its author it writes art history and this could only happen because the intended aim nathaniel pattison uva library thesis to desubstantiate minimalism as art went wrong. These are Frieds principles at the end of Art and Objecthood.

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