Education system in china essay

education system in china essay

of China attempted to instate its own educational program but it was largely failed because of disunity, civil war and the Japanese invasion during World War. Confucianism teaches that education is the path to self-improvement and that anyone can rise up through study and perseverance. Secondary schools for adult education include vocational secondary schools, middle schools and technical training schools. Students focus on rote-memorization (written and oral repetition) as the main learning strategy. The Homework on Schools: Education and Students.

Pre-school education is for 3-5 year olds and takes place in kindergartens. Facing Up to China: A Series of Essays from the Making of Modern. As teachers we play an important role. The continuing campaigns to eradicate illiteracy also were a part of basic education.

Therefore, Chinese education system is developing continuously. The education heritage is part. Then the essay will explain the phase of Chinese education system as well as the education system in different social phases in details so that it can.

Following politeness essay pdf the failures of the cultural revolution reforms in education in attaining accelerated national development, there arose various reforms after 1978 that were meant to enhance effectiveness in the education system in enabling national development. The vocational education became popular after the 1978 reforms (Peake, 32). This is enhanced through the imparting of skills that are meant to improve the labour productivity and efficiency in performing varied tasks. For the most part, children with severe learning problems and those with handicaps and psychological needs were the responsibilities of their families. . A History of Democratic Education in Modern China. After 1978, access to education was made easy, where higher education was meant for the students who were capable (Sakai, 67). Secondary school is for children from 12-17 years of age. The commune system in China can be perceived as a factor that contributed to persons in society not to work hard, because they were likely to get an equal share to the ones who did not work. The criteria locked out the children who belonged to his peasant families regardless of their ability to excel in academics. Nationalism and Education in Modern China. Because of different cultures, high schools have many differences in various countries.

Chinese, education, system : An Analysis

education system in china essay