Religion and science essays

religion and science essays

humans to exist, the Bible states God created them last anyway. Typically, Hindus have a very high regard for their Vedantic philosophy, nonetheless hardly anyone has anything but the vaguest notion about what Vedanta is all about. However, if a discrepancy of similar magnitude were to occur in Christianity, suppose one day it should be conclusively proven that the historical Jesus never existed, the Christian religion would crumble or at least it would find itself in a terrible existential crisis. Religion often relies on revelation and faith. The philosophies of the Western religions are more like apologetics defending the dogma of their religion rather than independent investigations of truth in their own right. Since the West discovered science and the West made enormous technological progress during the past several centuries, and that East did not, it is perhaps navely believed by many people that the Western religions are more compatible with science than the Eastern religions. Science and religion we have always heard contradictory view points on these two. I had to watch this video to understand how the pernicious influence of Protestant fundamentalism is spreading across America. The Church could do this by separating philosophy from mythology, or by rendering its philosophy very loose and elastic.

Those religions that have a strong philosophical component tend to be compatible with science. Not only Charles Darwin, but many scientist who followed Charles Darwin. Argument Between Science and Religion 1961 words - 8 pages Why would educated, reasonable people believe in one side of an argument when the majority of the evidence points to the other? Accessed ; Available from: p?vref1. Nowhere in the subject is religion included. A subtle point here is that Hinduism may attach philosophy to mythology, but it does not attach mythology to philosophy, and so the integrity of its philosophy is preserved.

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Discussing the relation of philosophy and religion, it is worth mentioning that, the same as philosophy, religion also explores the root causes of the conceivable (God, Brahman). After doing some amount of preliminary research I still had to learn a lot about India and Hinduism which were not available in books. This simple question has haunted us ever since, even today we are unable to provide a definitive answer. We cannot 7 habits of highly effective people research paper argue with a devout Hindu that Shiva has not been spotted anywhere in the Himalayas (particularly,. Religion and Science Essay introduction. Religion has a cult that is not present in philosophy, so there are a lot of contradictions between religion and philosophy.

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religion and science essays

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