How to ace an english essay

how to ace an english essay

ask your teacher if s/he can meet with you one-on-one if you have more detailed or involved questions. To what extent does your study of conflicting perspectives support this statement? 1, dont try to copy thesis india pvt ltd down everything your teacher says. Use peel or teal or whatever the hell they call it these days There are a million acronyms for this, but they all do the same thing. From your thesis draw out an outline of key points you must cover as well as any brief ideas you can think of to will help you come up with evidence. 8 There are also many mobile apps that will let you make flashcards for your phone.

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So English isnt your best subject, and your grade isnt what you wanted it. Like the conceptual sentence in the intro, this is going to outline what idea youll be discussing in that paragraph. Of course, professors understand that the exams restrictions can limit the content of your paper; however, it doesnt mean that it should affect the quality of your paper. 3, attend every earth fact essays class. If youve been assigned a textbook or a book like a novel for your class, bring it with you to every class meeting. Heres a quick breakdown: Listening: 30 minutes 4 audio recordings 40 questions, reading: 60 minutes 4 passages (academic) 3 passages (general) 40 questions, writing: 60 minutes, task 1 : 150 words (20 minutes). 2 Know the exam format. Tell them what it was about, describe some interesting points, and explain why you found it interesting.

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