Essays on existential nihilism

essays on existential nihilism

there is some standard it is idle to speak of meaning. As when one repeats a word until it loses meaning, anxiety undermines the taken-for-granted sense of things. 13 Authenticity defines a condition on self-making: do I succeed in making myself, college board scholarship essay score or will who I am merely be a function of the roles I find myself in? Husserl's efforts in the first decades of the twentieth century had been directed toward establishing a descriptive science of consciousness, by which he understood not the object of the natural science of psychology but the transcendental field of intentionality,.e., that whereby our experience. Entities of the second sort, exemplified by objects of perceptual contemplation or scientific investigation, are defined by the norms governing perceptual givenness or scientific theory-construction. Why ought I help the homeless, answer honestly, sit reverently, or get up?

While this outsider stance may be easy to ridicule as adolescent self-absorption, it is also solidly supported by the phenomenology (or moral psychology) of first-person experience. At this point, perhaps, he will try to relieve himself of freedom by giving in to the urge to gamble and chalking it up to deeper motives that overcame the initial resolve, problems from his childhood perhaps. As he puts it, value derives its being from its exigency and not its exigency from its being. In thus robbing me of the possibility of practical self-identification, anxiety teaches me that I do not coincide with anything that I factically. And with this collapse of my practical immersion in roles and projects, I also lose the basic sense of who I am that is provided by these roles. And, as with all anguish, I do not escape this situation by discovering the true order of values but by plunging back into action.

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