Essay communication skills nursing

essay communication skills nursing

the event, or reflection on action; which happens after the event has occurred (Taylor 2001) and is guided by a model, which serves as a framework within, which the nurse is able to work. Non-verbal communication is a major factor in communication, involving exchange of messages without words. All behaviour has a message and communication is a process which individuals cannot avoid being involved with (Ellis et al 1995). Panagopoulou E, Benos. When communicating there is a messenger and a receiver but sometimes due to the way the message is delivered there maybe misunderstandings, and confusion arises and the message maybe misunderstood. Verbal communication can be defined as a show more content, this essay will highlight one of the key concepts of nursing.The concept that will be discussed in this essay will be communication, the reason for this chosen concept is that communication plays a vital role. This aim of this essay is to discuss the importance of communication in nursing, demonstrating how effective communication facilitates a therapeutic nurse/patient relationship.

This helps us to learn from the experience and improve our future nursing practice (Siviter 2008). Feedback from clients after the session also allowed me to reflect on my communication; one of the clients stated afterwards that she had gained a lot from the session particularly the demonstration relating to tooth brushing and was now more aware of the importance. Hayat Journal of Faculty of Nursing Midwifery. A full awareness of not only the spoken word, but also the influence non-verbal communication has on the messages being communicated, is essential in the development of a therapeutic relationship between nurse and patient. 2013 May 6; doi: pii: S1755-599X (13)00029-3. Exploring Nurse-Patient Communication Strategies. Verbal communication can be defined as a medium for communication that entails talking using the spoken word, such as talking face-to-face, on a telephone, or as a speech. They have similar structures, which guide the user through the reflective process.