Nietzsche morality as anti nature essay

nietzsche morality as anti nature essay

Revaluation of Values. Foreword What is good? II.202 Forgetting our intentions is the most frequent of all acts of stupidity. August - September 1885, KGW VII,.412, KSA.678) The possibility has been established for the production. Even to say that particular events seem better or worse suited to the functionality of the whole, or to its stability, or its health, or that an event may be measured absolutely by its fitted-ness in some other way, presupposes a standpoint that Nietzsches cosmology.

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Ascetic ideals reveal so many bridges to independence that a philosopher is bound to rejoice and clap his hands when he hears the story of all those resolute men who one day said No to all servitude and went into some desert. Man must be sustained in suffering by a hope so high that no conflict with actuality can dash itso high, indeed, that no fulfilment can satisfy it: a hope reaching out beyond this world. Variant translation: Liberal institutions straightway cease from being liberal the moment they are soundly established: once this is attained no more grievous and more thorough enemies of freedom exist than liberal institutions. Philosophy leaps ahead on tiny toeholds; hope and intuition lend wings to its feet. its evolution tied to the victory or predominance of individual parts, to an atrophy, a "becoming an organ" of other parts. If they are to be understood poetically, then the question why? . Friedrich Nietzsche and the Politics of Transfiguration: Expanded Edition, (Berkley: University of California Press, 1988). The true task of the overman was to overcome himself, not others, and to do so by sculpturing his impulses and thoughts and inheritances into a willed unity that could be called style. German and Viennese Intellectual Thought Nietzsche was the first to release the desire to know from the sovereignty of knowledge itself: to re-establish the distance and exteriority that Aristotle cancelled. Slavery and division of labor: the higher type possible only through the subjugation of the lower, so that it becomes a function. In the end, my mistrust of Plato goes deep: he represents such an aberration from all the basic Greek instincts, is so moralistic, so pseudo-Christian (he already takes the concept of "the good" as the highest concept) that I would prefer the harsh phrase "higher. Yet, another view will have it that by nihilism Nietzsche is pointing out something even more unruly at work, systemically, in the Western worlds axiomatic orientation.

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