Famous american essayists

famous american essayists

Pitt has been nominated for four Oscars and five Golden Globes. Ronald Reagan ( ) US President ( ) Reagan sought to roll back the frontiers of the state and pursued an aggressive anti-Communist foreign policy. In 1851, gave a famous extemporaneous speech Aint I a woman? Edison was one of the most prolific inventors, who developed commercially available electric light bulbs. Civil War (1861-1865 and the period of innocent optimism gave its way to a period of total exhaustion. Malcolm X was, for a time, a leader of the Nation of Islam which advocated a radical response to racism and a separate nation for blacks and whites. Yoko Ono (1933- ) US artist, musician.

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Her poems were published posthumously and received widespread literary praise for their bold and unconventional style. Michael Moore (1954 ) US film producer and political activist. Salinger, the essay by warsan shire full poem Catcher in the Rye, Nine Stories, Franny and Zooey. Wright Brothers Orville ( ) and Wilbur ( ) who successfully made the first powered air flight in 1903. Washington ( ) Author and orator, Washington was an adviser to the presidents of Roosevelt and Taft.