The spanish word essay

the spanish word essay

podremos abrirte la puerta. 1 (gen) palabra (f (remark) palabra (f voz (f vocablo (m). Defiende sus principios en palabras y en obras. Words (lyrics: of a song) ( de una cancin ) letra Have you listened closely to the words of this song? No digan nada de esto a nadie; ni una palabra!

the spanish word essay

Go back on your word (not keep a promise) no cumplir una promesa incumplir una promesa Janice went back on her word to help me with the cooking. I can't get a word out of him no logro sacarle una palabra in a word en pocas palabras; en una palabra in other words en otros términos; es decir; esto es; in the words of Caldern con palabras de Caldern; como dice Caldern;. The c-word, the c word, the C-word, the C word euphemism (cunt) una mala palabra the last word (final retort) la ltima palabra My brother has to have the last word in every argument.

This is really painstaking work! Breathe don't breathe a word about it or words to that effect Senna, the loser, simply told Prost to go away, or words to that effect, when the Frenchman proffered his hand eat edgeways mince 2 (talk) to have a word with sb hablar (dos. In a city where rumors spread like wildfire, the word on the street is that an incursion into Addis Ababa may take place within days The word on the street is that her publishers were terrified in case marriage meant that Kelley never wrote another. Puede tener una charla con ella? There's no other word for it silly isn't the word for it llamarle estpido es poco!

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