Problems of child labour in india essay

problems of child labour in india essay

cites figures ranging from 75 to 90 million child labourers under the age. The rate of child labour is high in the agriculture field which is mostly found in the rural and informal urban economy where most of the children are predominantly employed into the agriculture work by their own parents instead of sending them to the school. Child labor is still a serious issue in many countries.

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So before starting to write your essay, determine what type of essay you want to write. Article 21 states that children of age six to fourteen must be given free education so that their parents dont need to worry about the tuition fees. A case study conducted by Indian Social Institute shows.82 of the children of 6 to 16 age group are not attending schools, but those children of upper castes and rich farmers were attending schools. They have to keep a strict vigil on the top level officials of the State or otherwise with the case of Aparna and Shashanka will be repeated again and again. They are rampantly exploited by working for several hours under the sun, and little food and water is provided to them or has to lift heavy loads. As a result of which, they are often unable to concentrate well in whatever learning they are engaged in parallel.

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