Cow slaughter ban essay

cow slaughter ban essay

come out with a National Cow Slaughter Bill that will supersede all state legislations. The only possible answer seems to be that had it gone with the traditional, economic justification for an (effective) ban on cow slaughter, it would have run up against an insurmountable constitutional difficulty: under our constitutional scheme, agriculture and the preservation of stock fall within. Buffalo meat alone accounts for over 75 of the total exports of Indian meat sector. It is also, however, an opportunity for citizens and courts to think once again whether the prescription of food choices is consistent with a Constitution that promises economic and social liberty to all. At this point the judge asked how is it possible? Little did they know that a standing committee of Parliament suggested that bio-pesticides only makes up 16 of all the pesticides used with no special mention of the proportion which composes from cattle wastes. Among the Muslim community there is a subcategory known as Qhureshis who out of all Muslims kill most. Should the state adjudge the dietary habits of its citizens?, is it a right of an individual to choose what he wants to eat? This time, the Central government has invoked a Supreme Court order on cattle smuggling across the Nepal border, as well as a 1960 law, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, as its justification.

For this all you would have to do is to write letters in millions to the Prime Minister, President or to the Chief Minister and ask them to implement the Judgment given by the Supreme Court. So ultimately when a cow is butchered and sold as parts, then no more than. There was a total law and order breakdown in New Delhi as many died in police firing. There is no use in saving an old cow.

cow slaughter ban essay

Its just a question of following the law of the land. Also Read, cattle trade rules go against 1960 law. Is it a move vested with hegemonic interests and thereby suppressing the voices of minorities? A healthy cow gives around 10 kilos of gobar or cow dung and about 3 liters of gau mutra or urine. But the butchers could not get any. That verdict did not even allow the slaughter of old and useless cattle as the following part of the judgment shows. 10) It is a Congress-BJP jugalbandi. In consonance with such provisions several northern States in 1950s had enacted a blanket ban on slaughter, similar to the ones enacted by Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. When these facts were shown to the court then Rajiv Bhai argued that if it was a religious right of a Muslim to kill cows then Babar and Humanyu were staunch Muslims, Aurangzeb was even stauncher. Then Rajiv Bhai suggested that if it is not against the court protocol then the judge can come and see how essay about are the everglades forever article we make 33 kilo organic manure from 1 kilo cow dung in our own village.

cow slaughter ban essay

Cattle slaughter, especially cow slaughter is a controversial topic in India becau se of the cattle. Others completely ban cattle slaughter, while there is no restriction in a few states. On, the Ministry of Environment of Indian.

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