Dowry a social evil essay in english

dowry a social evil essay in english

Disadvantages of Dowry System. Conclusion It is indeed the time when todays youth should start campaigning against any family demand for dowry. Although under current legal systems loopholes, definitive punishment has still not been given yet the fact that they never gave up, raises the potential for individual action against dowry. Group and community marriages can also help in removing this cancer to a great extent. Some brides are badly beaten by their husbands. She is a kind person and loves sincerity.Their daughter Sagarika Rai or the person to be playing the role of a wife is XYZ. They will have to recognize their rights.

Dowry system is one of the most heinous social systems in the Indian society. It has also given rise to several issues such as female.Sample essay on Social Evils Still Persist in our society Social evils are prevalent in almost all the backward countries. Dowry : A social evil Dowry is a widespreadevil which is assuming menacing proportions. It is prevalent in all parts and almost all societies of India. At the time of marriage, parents give some clothing, jewelry and accessories to their daughter.

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Ancient Indian texts from old times suggest that dowry system was most prevalent in upper castes where Manusmriti classified streedhan as a part of fathers wealth the bride voluntarily brought with her for personal use and as a mark of independence in her new home. This evil system is especially practiced in the Terai of our country. Go to any part of the country you will find something going on you'll be ashamed. Even when the parents of a girl have already given dowry once at the time of the marriage of their daughter, they are pestered to keep on giving something or the other even after marriage. For the function defined by the graph OAB, find the half-range Fourier sine series. There are thousands of girls who have grown old and they are still married because their parents cannot afford dowry., the rigor with which the dowry system is being practised in India today is a slur on the fair name of Indian society. Merits, Advantages, Benefits of Dowry System. A Dreadful Evil-Dowry Essay.A Dreadful Evil - Dowry As soon as I opened my eyes I saw the big and bold headline on the newspaper, Dowry tales: Woman set on fire by husband, in-laws.

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