French and indian war aftermath essay

french and indian war aftermath essay

their opposition was against British Parliament as a whole rather than the specific piece of legislation. Though the colonies were forced through such a scaring time, without it, the colonies would not have started their journey on the road to revolution. After the changes took place, there was no going back to the way things were before. We will how to start kids research paper write a custom essay sample. The immense debt and re-engagement of Britain in the American politics caused tensions and discontent among the colonists. As a colonial soldier stated in his diary, though we be Englishmen born, we are debarred Englishmens liberty, this opinion of the British coming from a colonial soldier shows that the colonists did not receive the necessary aid from the mother country in order.

With the year of 1765 came along the Stamp Act, a direct tax that the British used to increase the revenue that they would need in order to pay off their war debts. Nonetheless, the colonists decided to ignore the law and cross the line anyway. These taxes included the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act, which were two of the biggest taxes that would cause the relationship between the colonies and Britain to be disrupted. When the pressures from the Parliament became too unbearable, the colonists had the courage to stand up to its mother country.

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In Canassategos speech to the representatives of judicious and selected essays and observations Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, the tensions between the Indians and British colonists were easily noticeable. The French and Indian War caused the British to reappear once more in their lives. This gave the colonies less hope in the fight against the British restrictions of life in the colonies. In some cases, colonists were ecstatic and praised the British with their protection of the colonies in their time of need, such example is of Reverend Thomas Barnards sermon, Here shall our indulgent Mother, who has most generously rescued and protected us, this shows that. After the war, Britain and its colonies seemed to have grown closer together politically, but the economic and ideological differences caused numerous conflicts that eventually led to the American Revolution. Also, after the war, Britain set laws stating the colonist could not move west of the Apps. They had eliminated the French presence from the North American continent, as the map in document A portrays, which caused the settlers to celebrate the involvement of Britain.