Quotations for essays

quotations for essays

exercise would affordwith all its delightful possibilities and surprises, and its wonderful effect in opening up new lands, hitherto unknown and unloved only because unknown. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States. Humphry Ward and the beloved Artemus of the same name! Robert Byrne, The Third and Possibly the Best 637 Best Things Anybody Ever Said, 1986 We're a compulsive but amiable crew, sparknotes essay on human understanding those of us who feel, or have felt, the compulsion to re-record the bright thoughts of other men and women. Gary Saul Morson, The Words of Others: From"tions to Culture, 2011 You complain, Velox, that the epigrams which I write are long. quot;tion collectors don't even need to invest heavily in books of"tions anymore, thanks to the Internet. Many of the historical proverbs have a doubtful paternity. Somehow the printer happens to forget his"tion marks, and the credit of originality goes to the writer none the less. There are men whose phrases are oracles; who can condense in one sentence the secrets of life; who blurt out an aphorism that forms a character, or illustrates an existence. He that collects those under proper heads is very laudably employed, for though he exerts no great abilities in the work, he facilitates the progress of others, and by making that easy of attainment which is already written, may give some mind, more vigorous. Wolfgang Mieder (b.1944 Modern Paremiology in Retrospect and Prospect, in Paremia The First Spanish Journal on Proverbs, nmero 6, 1997 How many of us have been first attracted to reason, first learned to think, to draw conclusions, to extract a moral from the follies of life.

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Inspirational, thought-provoking, humorous, literary, and special occasion"s. Andy Gibb In science, fact can only mean confirmed to such a degree that it would be perverse to withhold provisional assent. I suppose that apples might start to rise tomorrow, but the possibility does not merit equal time in physics classrooms. Being obsessed with harvesting"tions, it makes sense that the largest page in my collection is"s about"s.

Fond of meditation and research, he was still fonder of mirth and amusement. Henry Wotton, The Elements of Architecture, 1624, commonly modernized to "I am but a gatherer and disposer of other men's stuff.".It is joy Ineffable to dwell upon the lines That register our feelings. Oh, also recognize the difference between a bad cliché and a good"tion. To glance at the pages of his Scrap Book is to realize how far and wide he pursued the quest, into what scented rose gardens of Poetry, and up what steep essay on evolution of technology in communication slopes of Thought. Hunter Brinkmeier A Common-place-Book is what a provident Poet cannot subsist without, for this proverbial Reason, that great Wits have short Memories ; and whereas, on the other Hand, Poets being lyars by Profession, ought to have good Memories; to reconcile these, a Book. John Morley, Aphorisms: An Address Delivered Before the Edinburgh Philosophical Institution, November 11, 1887 Proverbs accordingly are somewhat analogous to those medical Formulas which, being in frequent use, are kept ready-made-up in the chemists' shops, and which often save the framing of a distinct Prescription. You can get a happy"tion anywhere if you have the eye. But above all, those judicious Collectors of bright Parts, and Flowers, and Observanda's, are to be nicely dwelt on; by some called the Sieves and Boulters of Learning; tho' it is left undetermined, whether they dealt in Pearls or Meal; and consequently, whether we are. Wood, "Preface"tions for Occasions, 1896 The reader, however, is warned not to be too sure that the author of any"tion had in mind the subject to which it is applied here. M offers a wide range of classic full-text searchable reference works. "Specimens of a Patent Pocket Dictionary, For the use of those who wish to understand the meaning of things as well as words The New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal, 1825 And, after all, what is originality? This may be one of three things either what is called Plagiarism, or Imitation, or Coincidence.