Living in a democratic society essay

living in a democratic society essay

actions on how the state should be governed (Sparks 2006). It seems, therefore, that states may be able to delay, but not negate, the process of political liberalization induced by economic liberalization. Living in a democratic environment has taught me to become a better listener, speaker and leader in my school and community. Journalism also proposal essay health plays different roles in a democratic society. However, the clean reputation of journalism is tainted with sensationalism and distortion of information. Walter Lippman who stated, Press freedom is an organic necessity in a democracy, supports the importance of journalism (Sparks 2006). A democratic society is characterized of freedom of speech and journalism is one of the determinants of this right. Thus, there is a deteriorating commitment on journalism making it more commercialized to obtain funds to keep the organization running (Lewis 2007). There is a greater need to bring back the good and high quality journalism in the society to also bring back the confidence and trust of the public to journalism and to media in general.

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According to Beth Lane (2007 by technical definition, mass media is the channel by which mass communication or message for a large, diverse audience is transmitted. The Government of Canada works extensively in order to ensure that the countrys laws are regulated and maintained and eventually followed by society. If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free.

As Canadians, we live in a society that is defined as being free and democratic. Our study demonstrated that continued democratization of developing countries depends heavily on their economic liberalization, supported by the increased purchasing power of the people. There is a greater need for a high quality and good journalism in the society. He once said "The purpose of life is not to be happy - but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, and to have it make some difference that you have lived at all." I always believe that our purpose in life. Without a doubt, globalization of democratization encourages developing countries to keep up to date and join the process of internationalization of economic growth and get profit from widening of free markets, reinforced by new means of international communication. It seems that, once a country achieves a certain degree of economic development, additional economic growth is an important ingredient for the developing countrys continued progress toward further democratization. There are alsovarious types of media such as print media which includes newspaper and other publication materials and broadcast media which includes radio and. Journalism is also an agent of change. One of my favorite"s of all times is by Leo Rosten; he made a statement that will forever be planted in my heart. Thus, economic development proved to be the most important predictor of democratization. They tend to distort or exaggerate the events.

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