Japanese whaling research papers

japanese whaling research papers

recognised as a cover for its ongoing commercial whaling operation. The sampling of the whales, conducted by the Japanese scientists, included stomach contents analysis to estimate prey composition and consumption, measuring their age by extracting their earwax plugs, and evaluating sexual maturity of the creatures. Also, the refuelling by the Oriental Bluebird is located south of the southern 60th parallel, where there are no territorial claims. Norway, norway only respected the IWC's whaling ban until 1993. The sale of whale meat along with the variety of products that are made from whale is argued as central to the way the economy runs and without it, small communities could not function economically. Whaling: What's at stake' (Macbean 2009). Using a loophole in the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling, Norway objected to the whaling moratorium, and resumed hunting for minke whales. Then, in 1992, it essay on recession in jamaica withdrew from the IWC. When Iceland re-joined in 2004, it included a clause in its re-entry that spoke out in objection to the whaling moratorium. As a result, the 2014-15 hunt was cancelled, only to reemerge a year later under the guise of another scientific research program.

Whale meat consumption is dropping in Japan, but they still continue to kill around the same number of whales, so I doubt selling of the meat is their primary focus. Over 300 whales were killed by the Japanese during annual research, supposedly for scientific purposes. 122 whales, killed during the research turned out to be pregnant, according to the IWC papers. The International Whaling Commission has banned whaling in small-scale coastal areas and the Japanese argue that this is causing many problems both socially and economically for those people who live traditional lives by traditional Japanese customs. Why would they kill more whales if no-one wants to eat them? In 2010 alone, Icelandic whalers killed 148 endangered fin whales and 60 minke whales. It is further demonstration, if needed, of the truly gruesome and unnecessary nature of whaling operations, especially when non-lethal surveys have how to write a good ethical dilemma essay been shown to be sufficient for scientific needs, Wellbelove stated.

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