Globalization and inequality essay

globalization and inequality essay

Globalization in Europe. Trade Policy of Bangladesh Bangladesh joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1995 to short essay on apple fruit avail the advantages of an open and liberal trading system. Health sectors are also affected a lot by the globalization of common medicines, health monitoring electronic machines, etc. References Bangladesh Bank Policy Paper 2008. Globalization and liberalization of the businesses in the Indian market is flooding the quality foreign products however affecting the local Indian industries adversely to a great extent resulting in the job loss of poor and uneducated workers. It has affected human lives in both positive and negative manner; its negative effects are needed to be addressed accordingly. Globalization impact on businesses in the worldwide market can be described under two broad categories of market globalization and production globalization. The reality is that we live in an unequal world. An especially troubling development was the emergence of a popular backlash to globalization in the United States, even when the country was enjoying record growth and the lowest unemployment rate in decades.

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Globalization and inequality essay
globalization and inequality essay

However, it has given rise to the competition, crime, anti-national activities, terrorism etc. There is a competition in the quality of products, services, etc. If we take it positively, it may eradicate the regional diversity and establish a homogenized world culture. Journal of Economic Perspectives 17(3 322. It is evident from these accounts that unfortunately, unless measures will be taken, inequality will increase and dreams of an equal world are moving farther away. This shows that we are not moving towards a more equal world. Deviant Behavior: an Interdisciplinary Journal 19: 2755. How Globalization Work, globalization helps global market to consider whole world as a single market. Beer and Boswell (2002, p 31) also stress that disproportionate control over host economies by transnational corporations increases inequality by altering the development patterns of these nations.

Till now, almost half of the useful forests have been cut in the past years. Inflation is measured by the annual growth rate of the GDP implicit deflator shows the rate of price change in the economy as a whole. The Political Economy of Globalization globalization is defined by Ngaire (2000) in the following way: globalization rests on a tripod namely, the expansion of markets (economic challenges to the state and institutions (political and the rise of new social and political movements (cultural). Production globalization is the set up of plant in many countries to produce products locally on low labour cost and earn more profit than its home country.

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