Threats to southwest airlines essay

threats to southwest airlines essay

Acquisitions, and Managing Working Capital simulations. In 37 years of operation, it has never lost money. Many companies have begun to take notice of the Southwest model; a model that allows Southwest to thrive while many of its contemporaries are faced with financial difficulties. While a number of airline industry-based groups have advocated standardization on the number, size, and weight of bags that would be allowed onto an aircraft, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has yet to take any serious action to this point. Southwest Airlines is also the only airline that offers credit on frequent flyer miles based on the number of trips taken with the airline instead of miles traveled. The fact that Southwest Airlines doesnt offer passengers baggage transfer services to other carriers is a weakness. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies,65-81. Southwest Airlines 2870 words - 11 pages Southwest Airlines Introduction While flying home to Texas last summer with Southwest Airlines, I had the most fun and unique experience with an airline that I could ever remember. According to this research other airlines are also charging for transporting pets, travel by unaccompanied minors, shipping checked items such as antlers and ski gear or getting better seats. Southwests strategy to delivering good customer service and creating customer satisfaction is to present happy faces to passengers, displaying a fun attitude, and to do things to provide their customers with a positive experience.

Other airlines are copying Southwest 's strategy in order to enter the low-fare, short-haul market.
Delta Airlines has built a low-fare regional carrier service and has acquired a minority stake in three regional airlines.
Southwest Airlines uses its technology to lower costs by allowing customers to buy tickets directly from their website than having.

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threats to southwest airlines essay

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On the Go: walking the high road at a low cost airline. Airline industry had lost money in 15 of the 30 years between 19, Southwest has reported profit every year since 1973. Many travelers since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 have opted to travel by car instead of flying out of fear. The company now operates 537 Boeing 737 aircrafts narrative essay precision and provides service to 64 cities in 32 states. International flights to: Mexico Central America The Caribbean South America Repurchase stock. It still carries on much of it philosophies from 30 years ago by offering low cost without the fancy gimmicks offered by other airlines.

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